Born as a daughter of no expectations, there is little you hope for in life. Disliked and neglected by your father, and ignored by your stepmother, your marriage has always been forgotten and unspoken, even when you make your societal debut. But your quiet and mundane life changes soon after, as you find yourself in the midst of court intrigue, family drama, and arcane affairs.

**There is an error message that pops up at the start about a save plugin, but the game works fine! Please let me know if there's any other issue!**


  • Entirely text-based
  • Female protagonist of noble stock
  • 7 male ROs, and a few other characters that can have a romantic relationship with the MC
  • Contains mature/sensitive themes, 16+ recommended, rating subject to change with later content


  • Ignazio de Felice |  A young arcanist from Illisione who arrives in Alayonte to aid in an investigation regarding strange magical occurrences. He's driven by his desire to protect others, and is acutely aware of his status as a commoner amongst the ranks of nobility. He's 3 years older than the MC.
  • Wolfram von Auer | The haughty young future Landgrave of Sakland who is fiercely proud of his lineage. He has little qualms of speaking his own mind, and looks down on those he considers to be of 'inferior stock' or 'poor moral character'. Despite that, he's a true loyal friend with strong morals. He's the same age as the MC.
  • Oskar von Vogel | The awkward and idealistic second son of the Duke of Märgengrim, and MC's maternal half-cousin. He grew up spending every summer with the MC, in which he tended to bully her, but was sent away to military school by his family to temper him into something more respectable. He's just shy of a year older than the MC.
  • Edmund von Brandt | The flirtatious and flippant Duke of Lohenstan whose reputation is in tatters, despite his great wealth and lineage. He was once a trusted retainer of the King, but strangely fell out of favour, and has since been rumoured to indulge in a life of debauchery. He's 16 years older than the MC.
  • Valentin Sonnen | A brusque and aloof commoner who rapidly climbed the ranks of the military to become a respected military official. He is considered one of the King's favourites in court, despite his questionable morals, and 'dirty' background as the son of a common whore. He's 6 years older than the MC.
  • Lothar von Metzger | The charming and gentlemanly Count Palatine of Metzger who inherited his position after his adoptive father's mysterious death. He is one of the King's favourites, and the esteemed Court Arcanist, renowned for his almost spotless reputation. He's around 7 years older than the MC.
  • Einar | A mysterious and ageless magus who takes a great interest in the MC. 

About/To Do

  • Game image is Portrait of Margaret Porot by Thomas Pollock Anschutz
  • Fun tidbits and more information regarding the game here
  • Also available on, more or less the same content on both sites
  • No idea when next update is because I have no writing schedule, and this is just a hobby
  • Thanks for reading, any/all feedback is welcome! (◕ω◕✿)


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So the game seems interesting but I don't really like that eye color and name are tied to stats (also I do wish there was an option to choose your own name).

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woww, I really like this project and now its here too!! Oskar is the one that has my heart <3


I've followed this game for a loong time in the CoG forum, and was shocked to find that you're here at itch!!! Hooray!


Really like how the early character development is playing out. I'm getting an unclosed parentheses error when trying to view relationship stats though, and without saves need to restart the game


I enjoed playing the game very much, great writing, main character is nice. Hope you'll add more soon. Thank you!


How do I save my progress? 


At the moment, unfortunately, the save plugin isn't implemented yet. The dashingdon link in the About section has a working save feature though (◕ᴗ◕✿)


I adore the story so far, hope that you'll keep working on this. Honestly one of the best textbased games I've read on this website, really. Can't wait till you post more<3


I love it! Can hardly wait for more content :-)